Web hosting effectively free

How cheap can serious web hosting get. Media Temple has launched a competitor to Mosso. I thought Mosso was amazingly cheap. Media Temple Grid Server really is amazingly inexpensive. “The basic $20 package includes 100 GB of storage, 1 TB of bandwidth and up to 100 individual sites.”

I can’t get over that soft fluffy feeling about Rackspace since they sent me that classic jar of coffee with the spaced support guy on it – but I think Media Temple may need a try at prices that low.

The difference between $20 a month and $0 a month is so small I can see this starter level becoming a freebie sometime soon. Just as gmail gives a vast amount of function compared to the hotmail of a year or two prior to it’s 1Gig announcement. Then the real winners will be the mediatemple and rackspace style companies who excel in quality – as when sites take off the fees will roll in, but the low spec, low cost stuff will just act as a base level of potential ‘real’ customers.

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