Virtual upgrades

crayon – a new marketing company – but a new marketing company existing within and servicing users of Second Life, the virtual reality service. This pleases me greatly, as I see virtual reality splitting in two sometime soon, but to split it must first prosper. Second life seems to be coming of age and turning into something more mature (despite the very sleazy, to my taste, feeling of 99% of encounters within the ‘world’ itself).

How do I see it splitting? Simply put I see a fantasy tier and a reality tier co-existing. At the moment typical second life characters are extremes. Extremely cool, extremely tall, extremely fat, extremely horny. Extremely something. Much more extreme than their owners. Very much fantasy tier. Very much a second life.

A virtuality where a genuine representation of me is available could be a powerful tool. My information can lead virtual me into more realistic situations, to try things out – be it job interviews, snow boarding, testing if I like a new soccer team before I join. I don’t know what answers I expect this new ‘copied life’ to give. I just have a hunch that they’ll be interesting.

Bringing this back to the topic at hand, Crayon are a marketing company in a virtual space. Thats cool, but the important thing is that they are a company in a virtual space. More will follow. I have more interest in ‘copid life’ me buying services than in ‘second life’ me doing the same.

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