web2.0 pyramid scheme – AT LAST!!!!

Agloco seems to be the strangest of names to me. And also the strangest but most straightforward of concepts. Get paid to surf, and get paid to have friends. Basically, if any of you click on this link: http://www.agloco.com/r/BBBB0194 :and sign up for the service I get paid for YOUR surfing. If you subsequently ‘sign up’ more people, you get paid for THEM surfing, but so do I.

Thats right – so do I.

Very social and web 2.0. Very pyramid scheme. Very Pyramid2.0. I think I like.

7 responses to “web2.0 pyramid scheme – AT LAST!!!!

  1. Their referral program is multi-level, but there’s really no ‘marketing’ aspect to being a member of AGLOCO, so it can’t really be defined as ‘multi-level marketing’ (or its criminal sibling, the pyramid scheme). Both require you to *sell* something to make money, while AGLOCO has no cost whatsoever. -j

  2. Szervusz!
    Check this out!

  3. And some more..

  4. Действительно, жизнь не может быть идеальной 🙂

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