Yahoo pipes follow up for Marketers

How Marketers Can Use Yahoo! Pipes to Increase Their Online Sales” is an interesting read over at covering how to make use of RSS via Yahoo pipes to deliver additional value in the particular niche of online marketing.

The basic flow of the article is that by combining and filtering feeds from multiple sources you can create a number of items of value in this market:

  1. High quality, flitered, sticky content
  2. Applications to allow your visitors to do further refine this, becoming their chosen first point of contact

The subtext to the article seems to me that feeding ads, and other messaged directly INTO the pipe will be the secret of success for marketers at one end of the scale.

My experience with Yahoo Pipes has been mixed, even a simple attempt to combine 3 blog RSS feeds into cchronological order took a looooong time because of differing datestamps on Blogger and WordPress. And I play with SQL all day! It worked eventually, but it wasn’t as simple as it promised.

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