Techquila Shots Idea Flow

The flow of ideas over at Techquila Shots is still healthy. If you haven’t made your way over there yet then DO SO. An interesting mix of references to existing services and the interesting holes in a given space lead to some thought, and arguement, provoking reading. It’s like TechCrunch for ideas, not businesses.

An example proposition from a few days ago:

“Ever run into that problem of trying to recall a website — and
remembering what it looked like, but having no clue the name of it?
Maybe you were lucky enough to bookmark it, but even then, that may not
help you.” (link to the rest)

I recall a site from WAY back called which tried this, but the quality of the content let it down badly. Way too many submissions along the lines of “Apple should release an even SMALLER iPod the size of a coin” or “TV shouldn’t have ads”.

The range of topics, and the quality of the posts make Techquila Shots a standout in the tech speculation sphere. Not surprising with Steve Poland running the show. I also quite like the idea that someone working on a dark Beta innocently fires up the site and reads his ‘big unique idea’ being given away by Steve to allcomers, showing that while it may be big, it sure ain’t unique.


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