Web2.0 tougher than we expected? Odeo up for sale

Is the web2.0 landscape tougher to survive in than we all expected a year ago? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. With news that Obvious corp are selling Odeo is up for sale I asked 3 ‘web savvy yet not web obsessed’ friends if they had:

  • heard of odeo
  • used odeo
  • thought odeo was any good
  • thought odeo was profitable

I got a pretty consistent set of answers

  • yep, yep, yep
  • yep, yep, nope it killed my flash instal on firefox whiccaused me untold….
  • pretty good, yep, apart from killing my peecee the stupid….
  • probably, oh yeah, i don’t care they killed my firefox

Now I expect the firefox demise was down to some other more specialist site in actual fact, but that aside, he Odeo public perception is strong, the numbers seem strong too:

“Williams reports the site saw 684,951 visitors last month, 3,012,921
pageviews and perhaps most importantly these days 1,523,963 Flash play
” from Techcrunch coverage.

Those are pretty strong numbers, and with AdSense covering the hosting costs I’d expect someone to buy this pretty quickly, possibly to integrate with some other service which has a gap in the speaker interface.

Personally, I just don’t get Twitter, the other obvious product. But hey

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