Interoperability nirvana awaits?

Google appsWith Google launching the pro version of their web apps (Google Apps Premier)I have returned to my day dreaming of a world where I don’t need to tell another system my name… ever. I will just give it permission to know.

When I signed up to Explode, the meta social networking service based on ELGG I wrote about earlier, I had to give it my email, my name, my ‘username’, an image to represent me. That’s a lot of stuff.

Wouldn’t life be sweeter if I could just give it my Flickr address and an authorisation key so that it could pick up my details and avatar from there, or my Second Life key, or my Google Apps key, or just whatever OpenID type device I chose.

The only reason I use Google spreadsheets over Office or another online spreadsheet is lack of friction. It does 90% of what I need perfectly well, and the 10% I can usually fudge. The one thing it does really well is not ask me for another password to access it.

Once that hurdle has been jumped, since I’m daydreaming anyway, wouldn’t it be cool to play Sim City, drop into the stadium for a game of madden while your Sims watch, then jump in a Ferrari for a quick GT. All with common physics engines, refresh rates, and cool streaming commercial free radio.

Oh, and fat free ice cream that tastes like ice cream!


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