10/10 to Michael Arrington

I love a good arguement. It enlivens the soul. More than that I love a strong opinion strongly worded. Especially when it’s against the big guy. In a suitably subtley named post “Digg should sue wired” on TechCrunch today Michael Arrington kicks it to Wired for being down on Digg.

Mincing words isn’t the TechCrunch style, but this made me actually CLAP as I read it “Wired is putting Digg in an impossible situation, and they should be called on it. Reporting news is one thing (although they should note the conflict of interest there as well), but actively creating negative news about a competitor and then using the massive reach of Wired to promote that “news” is way over the line.”

Keep up the good work TechCrunch. My techcrunch fanboy status has been assured for another month! At least.


2 responses to “10/10 to Michael Arrington

  1. Except that the post appears to be nothing more than Digg/Technorati bait to drive more traffic to his blog.

    Mike has a background in law, makes a claim that Digg should SUE Wired, then never backs up his original statements. IANAL, but making such a statement seems pretty controversial with little background information to back it up.

    168 comments, 5 trackbacks, and a huge number of Digg votes later, TC ranks a little bit higher in the Blogosphere while the peons are left to argue amongst themselves because the author is nowhere to be found in the comment thread (aside from comment #2).

    Evidence points to this article being linkbait, and linkbait alone, not the bold revelation or amazing wordsmithing you crack it up to be. 😛

  2. If it was linkbait at least it was damn effective linkbait!

    I must admit I enjoyed reading it as well, ol’ Mike Arrington does get a bit opinionated occasionally. I didn’t know he had a background in law…

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