Website Ranking Standards

For a long time now I’ve run a Firefox plugin (SearchStatus) that shows me Pagerank and Alexa information in the status bar when I visit a site. Sometimes I pay attention to these, but I always check them out for startups, as they give a useful insight into how long the sites have been active, how well they are linked, and a vague ‘doing well’ feel.

Technorati rankings seem less relevent than before, or is that just me? A new (to me) ranking that I love the concept of is SEOmoz (found via stevenmilne). The advice for this site is:

Your website/page is a relative unknown. Search engines and humans are (for the time being) infrequent visitors. Consider the accessibility of the URL, the desirability of the content and your marketing efforts online; all can have great impact on your reach.

Using data gleaned from Yahoo, Google, Wayback machine, Alexa, Technorati,, DMOZ and Wikipedia it constructs an overall score out of 10. This site scores 1 (unsurprisingly), techcrunch scores 7, scores 8. I’ll find a 10 eventually, I’m sure of it.

The ever present wigit to add to your page is also provided, shown here:

Page Strength SEO Tool -

Note that the image isn’y dynamic, so as the score changes it will stay the same. So I could easily cheat and use the following badge:

Page Strength SEO Tool -

I realise to reprocess every time an image is presented would be a huge resource drain, but to serve a saved value for 7-14 days and then reprocess would be reasonable. Or fix it to the number of requests which could also be fed into the page strength value.

Other than that small gripe Page Strength has, I think, got a reasonably good potentil to become a new standard and join PR and Alexa in my browser Status Bar as information that I just want to know. Now.


7 responses to “Website Ranking Standards

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  2. Oh wow, neat little tool, I quite like the design of their site too.

    I am waiting for it to calculate a score for northxeast, this is taking ages, common SEOMoz!! 🙂

    …hmm I think they don’t like me. Oh well! I’ll just pretend it came back and said my PageStrength was erm.. 9 🙂

  3. SEOMoz seems to be on a go slow this weekend. It always takes 20-30 seconds, but I noticed a real slowdown on Saturday.

  4. Hmmm… Page Strength says my links on Technorati are ‘0’ — but there are at least 100 links on there. I wonder how accurate this rating actually this?

  5. Lucas, I’ve noticed that occasionally it reports rows as 0 when they should be higher. I’ve dismissed it as a network speed issue – i.e. the tool simply reports 0 if there is no actual response. I haven’t noticed any reports of 20 when it should be 100 for example.
    I know at peak times the tool seems to be going offline from time to time recently.

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