Web makes world more valuable

I had some stuff in storage at one of those self service storage warehouses last year during an office move. I hated the whole experience, the sleazy sales guy, the overt security, the swipe cards, the overpriced padlocks (non refundable). The opaque pricing was the worst. I actually left thinking ‘someone I know must have a room / cupboard / attic / basement’ I could be shoving this stuff in.

http://storeatmyhouse.com/  does exactly that, the ebay of space! I haven’t tried it but I’d be tempted if I have the need again. You can sell space and buy space. It’s as simple as that. Even the about us page is simple to the point of almost not even being there! “We’re just some simple guys who want to make finding storage space easier for everyone.” Securing the web earth interface seems to be a worthwhile activity to me. Tie this service into an eBay ‘trust’ service, and even OpenID style web accountability and the one major inhibitor (trusting someone else not to mess with your stuff) should disappear.

I found store at my house at the techcrunch forums.


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