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Youtube still doesn’t work for me

So Googles enemies are circling, planning an avalanche of quality content and exciting technology. Great.

I’ve been thinking about TV a lot recently. Apart from about 3 shows a week I hardly watch TV, despite recently buying a new LCD that barely fits in my lounge due to an old CRT exploding. I watch the odd Daily Show clip that catches my eye. And thats it. So why do I want to watch web TV?

The answer, to me, seems to be so that I will see the first episode of the next Office, or Peep Show sooner than the mid point of the run. Social networking, peer recommendation, the digg of teevee – whatever you call it – it has to be immediate, twittery, and so highly targeted that it squeals.

The point of squeal, for me, is the point where as I watch a new show I can immediately flow it into the top 10 of my contacts who I think will enjoy it. And where doing that will bump this show up the general list for people tagged similarly to those friends I sent it to. I don’t want to pick what I watch, I’m too busy doing other things, I’m quite happy to have my friends tell me which episode of the  Daily Show was funniest this week.

If this new play can tackle that problem and deliver it on my lounge screen and my office screen then it will work. But I doubt it can. Maybe one of the tiny players can truly nail that challenge in Meta and take a steal as the natural home for hyper niche new content. Just a thought.


Web makes world more valuable

I had some stuff in storage at one of those self service storage warehouses last year during an office move. I hated the whole experience, the sleazy sales guy, the overt security, the swipe cards, the overpriced padlocks (non refundable). The opaque pricing was the worst. I actually left thinking ‘someone I know must have a room / cupboard / attic / basement’ I could be shoving this stuff in.  does exactly that, the ebay of space! I haven’t tried it but I’d be tempted if I have the need again. You can sell space and buy space. It’s as simple as that. Even the about us page is simple to the point of almost not even being there! “We’re just some simple guys who want to make finding storage space easier for everyone.” Securing the web earth interface seems to be a worthwhile activity to me. Tie this service into an eBay ‘trust’ service, and even OpenID style web accountability and the one major inhibitor (trusting someone else not to mess with your stuff) should disappear.

I found store at my house at the techcrunch forums.

10/10 to Michael Arrington

I love a good arguement. It enlivens the soul. More than that I love a strong opinion strongly worded. Especially when it’s against the big guy. In a suitably subtley named post “Digg should sue wired” on TechCrunch today Michael Arrington kicks it to Wired for being down on Digg.

Mincing words isn’t the TechCrunch style, but this made me actually CLAP as I read it “Wired is putting Digg in an impossible situation, and they should be called on it. Reporting news is one thing (although they should note the conflict of interest there as well), but actively creating negative news about a competitor and then using the massive reach of Wired to promote that “news” is way over the line.”

Keep up the good work TechCrunch. My techcrunch fanboy status has been assured for another month! At least.

Interoperability nirvana awaits?

Google appsWith Google launching the pro version of their web apps (Google Apps Premier)I have returned to my day dreaming of a world where I don’t need to tell another system my name… ever. I will just give it permission to know.

When I signed up to Explode, the meta social networking service based on ELGG I wrote about earlier, I had to give it my email, my name, my ‘username’, an image to represent me. That’s a lot of stuff.

Wouldn’t life be sweeter if I could just give it my Flickr address and an authorisation key so that it could pick up my details and avatar from there, or my Second Life key, or my Google Apps key, or just whatever OpenID type device I chose.

The only reason I use Google spreadsheets over Office or another online spreadsheet is lack of friction. It does 90% of what I need perfectly well, and the 10% I can usually fudge. The one thing it does really well is not ask me for another password to access it.

Once that hurdle has been jumped, since I’m daydreaming anyway, wouldn’t it be cool to play Sim City, drop into the stadium for a game of madden while your Sims watch, then jump in a Ferrari for a quick GT. All with common physics engines, refresh rates, and cool streaming commercial free radio.

Oh, and fat free ice cream that tastes like ice cream!

Real world meets web world

I love it when the real and online worlds collide, and some really neat examples have caught my eye on my endless list of RSS feeds today.

Problogger  has managed to gain a sponsor for his first gathering: “I’m really excited to announce that it looks like there will be a chance for the first ever ProBlogger readers meet up while I’m in New York in late March” Finding a sponsor is a nice extension of the usual ‘I’ll be in bar X for a couple of hours on the 6th” typemeet up.

One of my favourite website blogs is that of zooomr, yesterday had a slightly less formal: “Maybe we can organize a dinner somewhere too afterwards and then shoot some more if folks want. Come on out and join us if you have time on Wednesday afternoon or evening” invite to someone elses event – total spirit of the internet.

This has to be a badge of honour for any blog, that people get off their bums to come out and say hi.