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Flickr collections – sometimes it’s the smallest things

I’m so happy. I can finally pull my Flickr photos into shape. Roughly 2,000 photos, loosely gathered into Sets. About 80 sets. With no way to collect these sets, until now.

While Flickr continues to run too slowly at peak times, to take forever to load on occassion, and to drop my uploads from time to time I still use it. It just feels nice when it works. And everyone I know understands what I mean when I say ‘it’s on Flickr’. That’s worth a lot. But this has bugged me since I first used it. Folders have existed for a loooong time. Collections are just folders. Sometimes it’s the smallest things…


How many networks? Explode

Curverider is a company I’ve stumbled across quite independently a couple of times this week.

The first time I was looking for a social networking platform for a small project I’m working on and was impressed with their approach on ELGG “The leading open source social networking platform.” according to their site.

And now they are turning up all over the place as an implementation of ELGG called Explode is doing the blog rounds. It’s a direct competitor for mybloglog, taking a simplified approach to the social browsing space. I assume this is phase one of an ongoing development which will be community driven.

As they say on the main Curverider site “We believe people come first – technology should always fit your requirements.”

I’ve been trying out mybloglog for a couple of weeks now, and while it’s an interestng service, it has a few strange habits. I think I’ll run both in parallel and see how they do.

So that explains the addition to the right hand column.

Web2.0 tougher than we expected? Odeo up for sale

Is the web2.0 landscape tougher to survive in than we all expected a year ago? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. With news that Obvious corp are selling Odeo is up for sale I asked 3 ‘web savvy yet not web obsessed’ friends if they had:

  • heard of odeo
  • used odeo
  • thought odeo was any good
  • thought odeo was profitable

I got a pretty consistent set of answers

  • yep, yep, yep
  • yep, yep, nope it killed my flash instal on firefox whiccaused me untold….
  • pretty good, yep, apart from killing my peecee the stupid….
  • probably, oh yeah, i don’t care they killed my firefox

Now I expect the firefox demise was down to some other more specialist site in actual fact, but that aside, he Odeo public perception is strong, the numbers seem strong too:

“Williams reports the site saw 684,951 visitors last month, 3,012,921
pageviews and perhaps most importantly these days 1,523,963 Flash play
” from Techcrunch coverage.

Those are pretty strong numbers, and with AdSense covering the hosting costs I’d expect someone to buy this pretty quickly, possibly to integrate with some other service which has a gap in the speaker interface.

Personally, I just don’t get Twitter, the other obvious product. But hey

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Techquila Shots Idea Flow

The flow of ideas over at Techquila Shots is still healthy. If you haven’t made your way over there yet then DO SO. An interesting mix of references to existing services and the interesting holes in a given space lead to some thought, and arguement, provoking reading. It’s like TechCrunch for ideas, not businesses.

An example proposition from a few days ago:

“Ever run into that problem of trying to recall a website — and
remembering what it looked like, but having no clue the name of it?
Maybe you were lucky enough to bookmark it, but even then, that may not
help you.” (link to the rest)

I recall a site from WAY back called which tried this, but the quality of the content let it down badly. Way too many submissions along the lines of “Apple should release an even SMALLER iPod the size of a coin” or “TV shouldn’t have ads”.

The range of topics, and the quality of the posts make Techquila Shots a standout in the tech speculation sphere. Not surprising with Steve Poland running the show. I also quite like the idea that someone working on a dark Beta innocently fires up the site and reads his ‘big unique idea’ being given away by Steve to allcomers, showing that while it may be big, it sure ain’t unique.


Ubiquilink – Yahoo pipes

Yahoo pipes logo 3 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s how long it just took me to build my first feed using Yahoo Pipes. I’m pretty impressed.

You can view it here. A trivial feed in many ways, Search yahoo for “thoughtpath” strip out any results where the body contains “ignorance” or “stupidity” (these CAN appear in the title, or elsewhere) and re-order the 20 results by the URL. I can see this becoming a very useful tool for side bar RSS feeds, as it would be just as simple to include multiple sources for the initial results, so collating the 20 other blogs that relate to this one and present any single topic with only one link from the blog to have posted first, or last, or indeed both to reward the earliest poster and the most up to date information.

Keep watching.

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Virtual upgrades

crayon – a new marketing company – but a new marketing company existing within and servicing users of Second Life, the virtual reality service. This pleases me greatly, as I see virtual reality splitting in two sometime soon, but to split it must first prosper. Second life seems to be coming of age and turning into something more mature (despite the very sleazy, to my taste, feeling of 99% of encounters within the ‘world’ itself).

How do I see it splitting? Simply put I see a fantasy tier and a reality tier co-existing. At the moment typical second life characters are extremes. Extremely cool, extremely tall, extremely fat, extremely horny. Extremely something. Much more extreme than their owners. Very much fantasy tier. Very much a second life.

A virtuality where a genuine representation of me is available could be a powerful tool. My information can lead virtual me into more realistic situations, to try things out – be it job interviews, snow boarding, testing if I like a new soccer team before I join. I don’t know what answers I expect this new ‘copied life’ to give. I just have a hunch that they’ll be interesting.

Bringing this back to the topic at hand, Crayon are a marketing company in a virtual space. Thats cool, but the important thing is that they are a company in a virtual space. More will follow. I have more interest in ‘copid life’ me buying services than in ‘second life’ me doing the same.

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Ubiquilink – pc ad history

I love it when you see the same link everywhere. By everywhere I pretty much mean /. and boingboing most of the time. Of the linked videos of old computer ads THIS vic 20 ad has to be my favourite. Space invaders. Heaven.